Cool Cucumber Face and Body Lotion

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  • HYDRATION: The Lotion Contains Ingredients That Help To Retain Moisture In The Skin, Keeping It Hydrated And Supple. This Helps To Prevent Dryness, Flaking, And Roughness, Which Can Lead To Wrinkles And Fine Lines Over Time. It Penetrates Deep Into The Skin To Moisturize It From Within, Eliminating The Necessity For Frequent Use Of Creams That Are Applied Topically To The Surface Of The Skin.
  • NOURISHMENT: The Lotion Is Enriched With Vitamins, Minerals That Nourish And Protect The Skin. These Ingredients Help To Combat The Effects Of Free Radicals, Which Can Cause Premature Aging And Damage To The Skin. It Also Contains Moisturizers That Retain Moisture In The Skin Cells, Hydrating And Softening Them, Making Them Less Susceptible To Damage By Free Radicals.
  • PROTECTION: Elegant Face & Body Lotion Provides A Protective Barrier For The Skin, Helping To Prevent Damage From Environmental Factors Such As Sun Exposure, Wind, And Cold Weather. This Helps To Keep The Skin Healthy And Radiant. Regular Use Of The Lotion Will Help To Maintain Soft, Supple, Smooth Skin That Is Well Hydrated And Free Of Blemishes And Other Imperfections.
  • SPA THERAPY: Pampering Your Body And Enjoying That SPA-Like Sensation Which Relaxes Your Mind Is Now Possible From The Comfort Of Your Own Home, With Elegant Lotion! Our Product Will Leave Your Skin Deeply Moisturized And Gorgeously Glowing! Regular Use Of Elegant Face & Body Lotion Can Help Improve The Overall Texture Of The Skin, Making It Smoother And More Radiant.
  • MADE IN UAE: Elegant Lotion Is Made In UAE At Our State-Of-The-Art Facilities To Give You The Safest Product For Your Body. All Our Products Go Through A Rigorous Quality Control Process To Ensure The Best Quality Possible. We Use Only Premium Ingredients.

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